Work Package 3

Legal and Ethical Aspect

The WP objective is a review of the legal and ethical ramifications for NRAs when making use of C-ITS data, and of how these change the role of the NRA. This includes the following objectives raised in the DoRN:

  • Guidance on the responsibility of the road authority to ensure that data is accurate, and the accountability when inaccurate data is sent.
  • Guidance on best practice for the communication of data and its limitations with road users.
  • Views on how to be open and transparent with roads users on the use of data.
  • Review of how communications around the use of C-ITS systems and data can be ensured to be inclusive of road users across technical ability.
  • Guidance on developing C-ITS services that are inclusive of road users across technical abilities.
  • Lessons from other industries on the ethical use of data.
Task 3.1 NRA data accuracy
Task 3.2 Lessons from other industries
Task 3.3 Guidance on ethical C-ITS data communication for road users