TML conducts applied research to support policy decisions. It is our mission to help society by offering scientifically sound analyses. To this end, we rely on quantitative research with research fields of traffic, passenger and freight transport, and the related economic impact and environmental problems. TML acts as WP4 Privacy leader and supports the other research tasks in TIARA. It regularly utilises its expertise regarding privacy in various projects, a.o. related to acceptability/acceptance testing, impact assessments in the field of C-ITS studies. Examples are SECREDAS, InterCor, CITRUS, C-Roads Antwerp-Helmond, ConACon, CEDR TM4CAD, H2020 TransAID, H2020 nuMIDAS, Mobilidata Core), thereby closely cooperating with NRAs, OEMs, and other (Tier-1) service providers, with the bold ones also incorporating privacy.