Work Package 2

PKI Guidance Development

The primary goal of this WP is to provide practical guidance for the implementation of a Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) for C-Roads. The purpose is to assist the National Road Authorities in understanding how they can implement the proposed European C-ITS trust model3 for protecting C-ITS data.

This work package addresses the research need “Roll-out of PKI systems” and the associated expected output, as raised in the DoRN:

  • Review of the current stake of PKI roll-out in European NRAs (State of the art)
  • Analysis of the issues and problems that NRAs will encounter when developing PKI infrastructure.
  • Advice for building the organisations required to run a nationwide PKI infrastructure that is interoperable with Europe, and advice on outsourcing PKI services.
  • Lessons from other industries (finance, healthcare, etc.) on operation of a PKI infrastructure.
  • Lessons from other industries (license plate registry, etc.) on governing of identities.
  • Guidance on the use of role-based and identity-based PKI.
  • Analysis resources required to run C-Roads PKI infrastructure, including how the cost and computational requirements scale, and the administration required for certificate and key management.
  • View of commercial and public organisations offering X.1609 PKI functionality.
  • Advice for developing PKI systems that provide trust across multiple parties, for example extending the trust infrastructure to road workers or maintenance companies.
  • Project partner SINTEF will perform all the work in this WP, with updates to partners Traficon and TML in order to align WP3 and WP4 with WP2.
Task 2.1 State of the art
Task 2.2 Analysis
Task 2.3 Guidance